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Workshop GSEBS 2018

Draft programme:

Step 1 : Monday 5th to Tuesday 6th of november 2018   :

These two days are dedicated to the doctoral formation of PhD students from EU labs and young researchers. The goal of these lectures and practical works are to acquire fundamental notions in experimental and numerical methods involved in shock physics and dynamic material characterization.

  • Welcom at 9 am
  • Basics of shock propagation in gases (2 h)
  • Basics of shock propagation in solids (2 h)
  • Associated experimental session on shock tube (2h) => dynamic pressure measurement.
  • Associated experimental session on Hopkinson Bars (2h) => HV and PVDF measurements.


  • Associated numerical modelling of signals obtained with HV and/or PVDF (4h) (Lagrangian-Eulerian FEM explicit Code RADIOSS).
  • Associated numerical modelling of signals obtained with pressure sensors in shock tube (4h) (Lagrangian-Eulerian FEM explicit Code RADIOSS).


Step 2 : Wednesday 7th of november : visit of an industrial plant involving energetic materials… It is however compromise for security reasons I was told but I have planned something more exciting !

Lecture 1 : High-energy-rate processing of materials using explosive (Pr. J. Barranda, U. Coïmbra, PT)

Lecture 2 : The use of LCA in  the evaluation of the environmental and toxicological impacts of ammunitions (Pr. J. Barranda, U. Coïmbra, PT);

Lecture 3 : Safe and clean demolition by explosive (Ass. Prof. A. Kravcov, CVUT, CZ)

Step 3 : Thursday 8th to Friday 9th of November 2018 : GSEBS conference, see the related page.